Our Vision

Delivering the RIGHT message
to the RIGHT people

Potential customers, partners or investors each view you with different lenses. We strive to help you deliver the right message to the right people.

What Makes Us Different

With decades of experience in journalism and capital markets, we know what the media and investors look for
We have excellent relationships with senior media and financial executives
A High Level
of Service
We walk the extra mile by seeking to exceed clients’ expectations
Integrity and Compliance
We have strict in-house compliance guidelines to ensure high ethical standards and confidentiality

Our Services

We specialise in four key areas – Investor Relations, Tech PR, Crisis Communications and Litigation PR. Our service is distinguished by a high level of strategy led by senior consultants with decades of experience in media, capital markets and communications.

Our People

Our assets are our people whom we love and nurture. Each member brings a unique set of skills, and is personally mentored by our seniors including our founder, Mr Lai Kwok Kin. Our team abides by a simple code: walk the extra mile quickly. Each day we ask: how can we make a difference, and how can we achieve the differentiating value for the client with speed and expediency?

What Our Clients Say

"WeR1 is a fantastic Investor Relations agency because they take the time to understand our business and select approaches to target audiences we want to connect with. They are constantly going out of their way to establish ongoing and valuable industry dialogue with key journalists and editors and never cease to secure quality media coverage. I am absolutely delighted with their level of service and commitment."

Chan Lai ThongSBI Offshore Limited

"WeR1 Consultants is a diligent, professional team that clearly goes the extra mile to maximise value for their clients. Their novel ideas and expertise helped us craft an innovative and effective investor relations strategy that will stand us in good stead. I am very happy to have engaged them."

Eugene TanECS Holdings Limited

"The amazing team at WeR1 has been supporting us ceaselessly with their level of service and depth of knowledge, and we have been thoroughly impressed. Their work ethic and professionalism is unquestionable and we have developed a strong bond with them as our trusted IR advisers."

Barry OngSingapore eDevelopment Ltd

"WeR1 Consultants’ dedication and commitment to consistently deliver high quality work promptly is highly commendable. Our Company has benefited greatly from their insight and attention to detail. We have enjoyed building a relationship with them and believe that they are one of the top investor relations firm."

Ken LowES Group (Holdings) Ltd

"The efficiency and speed at which the consultants at WeR1 work at is commendable. With their help, KhattarWong is able to solidify our position as Singapore’s leading law firm."

Gurbachan SinghKhattarWong LLP

"Quite often I seek Kwok Kin's opinion even on marketing and operational matters which are clearly not under the his scope of PR services, and I am pleased with the service support indeed."

Gary LimRokko Holdings Pte Ltd

"WeR1 took the time to understand our business and provided us with IR advice that allowed us to develop a strong relationship with our stakeholders. We have developed an intimate relationship with WeR1, and they have become our confidante."

Chan Tung MoeHeng Fai Enterprises Limited

"From the moment Tech Mahindra appointed WeR1 Consultants as our Media Relations advisers years ago, we have been impressed by the depth of their understanding of our business and the operating environment. The fruitful relationship we shared enabled us to work easily together to devise a sound media strategy in the build-up of a stronger Tech Mahindra in the region."

Rohit GandhiTech Mahindra Limited

"WeR1 has exceeded all expectations for all of our PR needs. With deep understanding and expertise, they were able to seek out media angles and opportunities that most people would have missed. We are pleased with the excellent service they have provided and we highly recommend them to other firms."

Harsh VardhanRamco Systems