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Who We Are

What’s your real story?

Investor Relations • Corporate strategy • Media communications

Each person and organisation has a narrative that defines who we are, what we do, why we do it and what is so unique about us. How well that narrative is communicated determines the level of trust that the people who matter most – our employees, business partners, customers and investors – have in us.

WeR1’s reason for existence is to help you communicate a higher level of trust. We do that by having a deep understanding of your vision and the differentiated value that you strive to offer. Through deep research, analysis and regular counsel, we craft a communications strategy that can help you tell your story in a more compelling manner.

Founded in 1999, WeR1 Consultants helps organizations communicate the right message to the right people. How well we do it is best left to what our clients say about us. With senior consultants that have decades of experience in the media and finance industries, we specialise in Tech PR and Investor Relations, and have done extensive work in high-profile assignments in Crisis Communications and Litigation PR.

The name WeR1 (“we are one”) signifies expediency, concision and speed in communication. It also sums up our work ethic – we make the client number one by offering a level of service which consistently exceeds expectations; we work in seamless partnership to help the client achieve success; and finally, beyond the pursuit of wealth and corporate success, we remember the oneness of humanity and strive to give back to society.

The essence of communications is to create Trust

How are we different?

The Know-How

Our consultants provide our clients with direct experience in journalism, finance and communications. With the varied and long years of experience, we develop strategies jointly with the client to deliver the right message to the right people.

The Know-Who

We have excellent networking with senior executives in the regional media and the financial community – investment bankers, brokers, analysts, fund managers, technology writers and media executives.

A High Level of Service

At WeR1 we have a simple motto: “Walk The Extra Mile Quickly”. We ask each day: what can we do to exceed your expectations and how can we achieve this with speed and expediency? We identify or intuit the major perception issues you face and your spoken and unspoken objectives. Once we develop that deep understanding, we outline the core messages to be communicated, draw a roadmap to implement them, and then help to execute the plan.

Integrity & Compliance

We have strict in-house guidelines for compliance with all market regulations. Upon confirmation of our services, WeR1 enters into a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the client which binds us to the highest level of professional conduct.

Our Mission and Vision

Delivering the RIGHT message to the RIGHT people

First asian member of the Crisis and Litigation Communicators' Alliance (CLCA)