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Protecting and Enhancing Your Profile Beyond the Courtroom

Protecting and Enhancing Your Profile Beyond the Courtroom

The media can be a powerful tool during a lawsuit. Whether as plaintiff or defendant, an individual or an organisation’s reputation can be enhanced or damaged by how the media covers a legal case.

Well crafted, a good litigation PR strategy may even influence a court verdict or raise the profile of an individual or an organisation via the media. But how does one execute a litigation PR strategy which is favourable to the client without tripping over issues of confidentiality, defamation or being accused of contempt of court?

Good legal reporters are well-versed in what can be reported when (e.g. court submissions after they have been lodged). But many media, with constrained budgets, no longer have many of such experienced writers. When a major court case breaks, great care has to be taken to explain legal terms and the context so that even a crime or business reporter can craft a story. Apart from understanding the legal terms, a successful strategy will also depend on strong relationships with editors and specialist legal writers which help ensure that they will be willing to spend time to understand the nuances or complexities of a case, at least from your point of view.

We have been engaged for some of the most high-profile cases heard in the courtrooms of Asia. Our work involves crafting strategy with legal counsel in various legal jurisdictions, drafting media statements to update legal proceedings, reaching out to the media and facilitating answers to their questions.

Our objective is simple, how can we help you to help the media report your case, and about you in a positive light?

WeR1 is the first Asian member of the London-based international Crisis & Litigation Communicators' Alliance. CLCA comprises professional communications consultancies from Asia, Europe and the United States, all with proven track records in crisis and litigation public relations.