Our Services

We have a simple motto: “Walk The Extra Mile Quickly”. Each day, the team hunkers down and asks for each client, what actions we can take as part of our service – and beyond the call of duty – which can add value and deliver the ‘wow’ factor. And we then go about to execute these actions with diligence and speed.

Investor Relations

Your stock deserves a better rating. We can make it more compelling to the investment community and financial media. Let us help you tell your business story in simple and engaging terms.
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Technology PR

Tech is exciting and disruptive. But tech communications need not be complicated and obfuscated by jargon. We can help you explain how your product or service changes the way people live, work and play.
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Issues & Crisis Management

Bad things happen, sometimes in the most unexpected manner. When the eyes of the world – your customers, partners, investors, the media and the public are on you at the critical moment – what are you saying and how are you reacting? We have the experience to help you turn a crisis into a media opportunity.
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Litigation & Legal PR

When you are engaged in a legal suit, it helps to have the media on your side. Your reputation should be at least preserved, possibly enhanced. And with some skill, the reportage may also be favourable to your case.
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